Vintage Vehicle Club

of Australia (1919-1930) Inc.


Make Pontiac
Year 1928



Roadster.  WF Stewart Body


Side Valve 6 cyl, split head.

186 ci (3.0L),

43hp @ 2,400rpm.

25.35 hp NACC

Gearbox 3sp, non-syncro.
Diff. Ratio 3.8:1
Wheelbase 110" (2,794mm)

Foot - 4 wheel mechanical,

Internal expanding on front, external contracting on rear.

Hand - Internal expanding on rear wheels.

Weight 2,420lb (1,100kg)
Wheels Artillery 12 spoke with 20" x 4" rims
Tyre Size 500-20
Origin USA, Flint - Michigan










History of this Vehicle


1928 - 19??


Originally bought at The Brisbane Show as a wedding present and was driven by the lady until her death.


19?? - 1996


Used daily by university student who sold it on to a person living at Moura Q.


1996 - Today


Purchased in January 1996 with Qld vintage plates.


The vehicle was complete and going, but not roadworthy with many problems.


Repairs include; Sleeving one cylinder; Diff' had ground ball bearings rolling around in it; Shock Absorbers; Brakes; and many other smaller problems.


The paint was left alone and believed to be fairly close to original.


The vehicle was put on NSW club plates in 1997, and has covered quite a few miles since then.





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