Bayliss Thomas

History of Bayliss Thomas company and their Vehicles.

1874 - Penny Farthing push bikes.
1896 - Motor bikes.
1921 - Three wheeled car.
1922 - Motor Vehicles.

The Bayliss Thomas & Co Partnership of 1874 made Penny Farthing Bikes called "Excelsior".

The Company started producing motor bikes in 1896 and in 1919 a two cylinder air cooled three wheel car. This was the forerunner of the Bayliss Thomas car which made its debut in 1921.

"Excelsior" means ever upwards, but the name could not be used in Europe as there was already existing an Excelsior car in Belgium and an Excelsior motor cycle in Germany.

So any of the cars sold there carried the Bayliss Thomas name.

In 1920, R Walker & Sons of Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, took over the company, but continued with the Excelsior and Bayliss Thomas names on the bikes and cars.

The cars ran from 1922 until 1928.

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