The History of this Vehicle and the Saga of Its Restoration

1921 - 1963

Purchased from Carters Garage Tamworth by Lye family of Loomberah near Tamworth as the family car to get to town in 1920. Ran into a sulky driven by two men and a shaft went through the front right hand side and scared the driver considerably. Repaired. Used by the family to get to twon but good wheat crops and advancing technology meant it always ran second and remained a hand me down. Shedded on the property and in Tamworth for various periods and resurrected and repaired by each new generation as a farm car and a vehicle on which the kids would use to learn to drive.

1964 - 2002

Purchased by the present owner from Reg Lye, son of the original owner, in 1963 and restored in Tamworth instead of studying for the Leaving Certificate. Driven while at University for 5 years until it got too slow. Last registered in 1968. Then keep in various garages until the urge to dispose or restore arrived.

2003 - Today

The present owner commenced a total restoration in 2003 and is still going on it. Watch this space for more pictures and information.