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Dodge - 1920('20 Tourer)

Make - Dodge Brothers
Year - 1920
Model - 1920 Series 114" W.B.
Body - Tourer Serial Number 452142
Engine - Dodge 4 cyl, side valve. 212.3 ci (3.5L), 35 hp @ 2,000RPM
Gearbox - 3sp, Non-synchro.
Diff. Ratio - 4:1:1
Wheelbase - 114" (2,895mm)
Brake - Foot - 2 rear wheel, external, mechanical. Hand - Internal on rear wheels.
Weight - 2,535lb (1,152kg)
Wheel - Artillery Wood Spoke
Tyre Size - 4.00 x 32"
Origin - USA, Bodied in Australia.

History of this Vehicle

1921 to 1961

Purchased from Carters Garage Tamworth by Jack Lye of Loomberah, near Tamworth after a good wheat crop. It was the family car and his 11 children learned to drive around the farm in it.

Kept going after various accidents and layups and shedded on the property and in Tamworth for various periods. Resurrected and repaired by each new generation as a farm car and a vehicle on which the kids anmd grandkids would use to learn to drive.

The car was not registered after the second world war and Reg Lye (Jack's son) remembers being instructed to take it to town to see what had to be done to it mechanically to get it registered. A new battery was fitted and the garage man said anything that can go up the lookout in top gear dosent need anything doing to it.

1961 - 2003

Purchased by the present owner in 1961 and restored in Tamworth instead of studying for the Leaving Certificate. Then driven while at University and going up the north coast for 5 years until it got too slow for everyday use.

Keep in various garages in Tamworth, Cundletown and Sydney until 2003.

2003 - 2012

The present owner commenced a total restoration in 2003 with a little knowledge and a great deal of enthusiasm. With a lot of help from a few friends and great encouragement from the neighbours who were very tolerant of the banging, swearing, painting and spare parts all over the house, this is now completed. The present owner has taken it on a few VVCA tours to iron out the various problems and to get it working well.

So far, except for a few small problems, it is going well. In October 2012 it did 2000km around NSW travelling at about 45km/hr and we are pressing to be part of the slow driving movement. It goes well on the open road and at that speed you see everything and are never short of someone to talk to.