25th Annual Tour Tasmania

2 Groups starting at different times met at Ulverstone (Tas) to continue touring Tasmania and return through NSW as 1 group.17th April to 14th May 2003.


17th April - Gundagai, NSW

18th April - Wangaratta, Vic

Cross to Tasmania on Ferry, then 10 days touring with Veteran Car Club Tasmania, based in Ulverstone.


27th April - Gundagai, NSW

28th April - Wangaratta, Vic

Cross to Tasmania on Ferry

30th April - Ulverstone Tas, 1 night.

1st to 5th April - Hobart, Tas, 5 nights.

6th & 7th April - Swansea, Tas, 2 nights.

8th May - St Helens, Tas, 2 nights.

9th & 10th May - Georgetown, Tas, 2 nights.

11th May - Cross back to mainland on Ferry

12th May - Bairnsdale, Vic, 1 night.

13th May - Bega, NSW, 1 night.

14th May - Lake Illawarra, NSW, 1 night.

Organised by Kevin & Sue.