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Club Details

The Aims of the Club are to :

  • Encourage restoration and preservation of Vintage Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles;

  • To display our vehicles in rallies, tours, exhibitions and other suitable events, to share our knowledge and enjoyment and to educate;

  • Establish and foster correct driving and maintenance techniques for Vintage Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles.

See the Clubs History page for futher details.

The club meets via ZOOM on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 8 pm.  Contact our Honorary Secretary for the meeting details.

The meetings are light hearted and usually include time to chat with other members after the formalities.

Our meetings have a short set agenda to keep the members informed and cover :

  • Reports on past social events

  • Planned events for the year

  • Technical queries and information

  • A guest speaker on an restoration, other interesting entertainment, a restoration topic or a recent adventure

  • Things that might be for sale or give aways

The Club welcomes any new members and hope they have a long and enjoyable time with us.

In total, at present, we have over 100 active members with many different makes of well presented and restored vintage cars. Our members regularly attend the meetings, tours and runs and are all willing to provide help and advice on repairs and restoration of your vintage car.

We have vintage Austins, Model A Fords, Chevrolets, Oldsmobiles, lots of Dodges, Chryslers, Pontiacs, Marquettes, Nashes, Essexs, Sunbeams, Alvises, Bayliss Thomases, Hupmobiles, Fiats, Studebakers, De Sotos, Gardners, Whippets, Armstrong Siddeleys, and Rolls Royces as members, all made between 1919 and 1930 and still going.

All vintage vehicles and their proud owners are very welcome to join us.

Conditional Registration Scheme

The Club is affiliated with the Council of Motor Clubs NSW and operates under the Conditional Registration Scheme (CMS) of the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) of NSW. The scheme provides cheaper yearly registration fees for historic vehicles and cheaper car insurance through specialist classic car insurance companies.

The CMS provides limited usage of the vehicle for club organised runs and for testing, close to where the vehicle is usually garaged. The VVCA organises regular monthly events where you can use your vehicle. The vehicle owner must be a financial memder of the club to access the discounted registration and insurance.

If you would like to find out about the RMS's Policy on historic vehicles please visit their website

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