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The Vintage Vehicle Club of Australia celebrates a wide range of vehicles from various makes and models which were all built between 1919 and 1930. If you own a relevant vehicle and are interested in joining our club. You are welcome to come along to any of our meetings or outings to see what we're all about and join in our activities.
For further information please contact us via the contact page. 

Membership Fees

  • No Joining Fee

  • Annual Fee $30.00 (For all new members, and all renewals)

To join please print out a Membership Form complete it, and bring it along to the next meeting.

Membership of the club entitles you to :

  • Technical and practical help from like minded club members including the latest information on restoration and preservation of your vehicle, to save you time and money.

  • Access to the club's and member's contacts and suppliers. To save you money, and to share solutions and vendors with technical expertise.

  • Tours and Runs organised by the partners of members, other than to places with boys toys, so the whole family can participate.

  • Monthly newsletter with for sales and swap information and what's on locally.

  • Help in locating parts for your vehicle, either reproducers or those offering services.

  • Website for free advertising of vehicles and parts for sale, wanted or swap.

  • To join in on all of our family friendly outings, including a Hub Rally and an Annual Tour.

  • Access to the NSW RMS Conditional Registration Scheme. This offers cheaper restricted use of the vehicle rather than the expense of full registration.

  • Affiliation with Council of Motor Clubs for lobbying Government bodies and for outings such as the Eastern Creek Display Day.

  • Outings to interesting venues, some not accessible to the general public.

  • Intra and interstate contacts with similar vehicles and technical expertise.

  • Club merchandise and other regalia to give your life a spark and let you look the part when driving your vehicle.

  • A list of members and their vehicles to provide contacts that are useful when travelling, or searching for parts, services or information.

You can print out a Membership Application form, fill it out and mail it the address on the form, or bring it along to our next meeting. We will then contact you to arrange your membership.

Members Newsletter

Members receive the Vintage Torque newsletter each month with details of upcoming events, new stories about outings and our wonderful cars. Find out more here:

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