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Car Club Sites

The Council of Motor Clubs(CMC) - representing affiliated clubs to government and other bodies in NSW.

The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs or Bush Council - representing heritage vehicle owners in the NSW bush.

Daimler Lanchester Owners Car Club Of Australia - for Daimler and Lancaster owners.

Veteran Car Club of Australia NSW - our older brother, in Five Dock, NSW. A great site good technical information and good cars.

The Model T Ford Club of Australia (NSW) inc - for Ford enthusiasts it's a must.

Dodge Brothers Club of Australasia Inc - The Dodge Brothers Club of all of Australasia - all those Dodge and Graham owners and friends in the region.

Dodge Brothers Club - Official Web site of the American Dodge Brothers Club - for all Dodge enthusiasts

Vintage Drivers Club - Victorian vintage vehicle club, like our VVCA and with similar cars

Leeton Vintage and Veteran Car Club - dedicated to the appreciation of Classic and Veteran cars

Vintage Car Club of NZ - across the ditch but with lots of members, lots of information and a great forum for repairs and restorations. Have a look.

The Vintage Car of UK - This site contains over 30 articles on vintage car restoration written by our experts who continually update and add new content.

The Endurance Rally Association - organisers of major rallying events, in more than 50 different countries and historic rally and the all new endurance rallying scene.

Studebaker Links Worldwide - world wide link for Studebaker cars and all their clubs.

Antique Automobile Club of America Discussion Forum - Online community exchanging information about automobiles.


Spare Parts Sites - we can't recommend, we just provide the link

Lights, Lamps Lanterns - for veteran and vintage vehicles best in Australia

Henry's Model T A Parts - local model T and A spares

Rustic Spares - vintage spares

Vintage and Classic Reproductions - local quality vintage spares.

Old Car Stuff - parts on line.

Myers Early Dodge Parts - Dodge and Graham Truck parts 1919 to 1931.

Brass Works Auto - veteran brass parts.

Old Era Services - vintage and veteran sheetmetal works

Vintage Wire Harnesses - for reproduction automotive wiring harnesses.

Natolipanelcreations - hand crafted sheetmetal creations

Fillingstation - Chevrolet parts 1916-1945 cars 1916-1970

Bobsautomobilia - Buick parts for Vintage and Classic cars

Car Headlight Lenses - vntage car headlight lenses for all old cars

Voltage Regulato - supplier of voltage regulators for old generators

Fuel Tanks and Radiators - Fuel Tank and Radiator Services for Vintage and Classic cars.

Generators and Starters - Ace Alternator & Starter Exchange

Auto Rubber - Rubber Seals for all types of cars.

Antique Tyres - tyres for Veteran Vintage and Classic cars.

Vintage Rims - specalised rims, beaded, rolled, lockrin or plain split all for old cars.



Car Museums

Australian Motorlife Museum - museum of motor vehicles and motoring heritage.

National Motor Museum - SA - - definitely worth a visit if you are in the vicinity.

Other Vintage Car Sites of Interest

Fifth Avenue Vintage Automobiles - a unique and professional service in chauffeured luxury vintage automobiles

Vintage Car Photos - on Flickr, photos from Australian car rallies some vintage cars.

The Old Motor - a photo magazine for sharing photos of cars from the period 1893 to 1965.

PreWar Car Aust - information on history, auctions, adds, car clubs, motor shows and rallys.

Second Chance Garage - how to restore cars and information in general on the car hobby.

Skinned Knuckles - a magazine for restorers with articles on repairs maintaining and restoring collector vehicles.

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