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Members have contributed photo's and articles, and stories about their vehicle and its restoration of the various mechanical works, repairs that they have had carried out on their vehicles.

Read all about

  • The trials and tribulations of restoration, its problems and how you solved them.

  • Short cuts to follow or pit falls to be avoided in mechanical repairs, restoration and restoring.

  • Where to get advice or help and why.

Have a read. The next time you have to work on your vehicle, how about taking a few photo's, and telling us all about it to help the others about what you have done to overcome any problems that you encounter. Chances are that you may be able to help someone else with a similar problem. You might save them a bit of time and money. Please provide information and links to other sites as well where you can get help.

There may be articles that you read that could save your fellow members a bit of time when they are repairing their car that you think might help. Send them to the VVCA.

How do you get this on the road? 

David's Restoration and Paint Problems

.....................".I am sure some gypsy put a curse on the radiator surround; the surround was stripped and repaired with the new lower section being replaced then taken to a company who supposedly specialised in show quality chrome plating. Well they then subcontracted the work out to another person who proceeded to destroy a perfectly good radiator surround. It took months of chasing around before we finally received the surround back, only to be told, "Don’t worry, no charge". The surround had the edges ground through and we thought it was a write-off. This surround, with another, was sent to Albury Platers who somehow managed to repair the damage.

Finally the surround was finished only to be damaged again in a workshop accident which ruined the original taillight and radiator core. Back to Albury Platers again.

The next hurdle was colour selection. We must have looked at hundreds of cars. Should anybody be interested in tracing the original colours and paint codes for their cars a web side is available Finally the colours were decided, and then off to the paint shop. "

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